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Women Share Stories About Their First Time Shaving

When — and Why — Did You First Start Shaving? 10 Women Share Their Stories

Women Share Stories About Their First Time Shaving
Image Source: Getty / Malte Mueller

It's time to reevaluate where we stand on shaving. While the act of removing body hair is an individual choice, we're kidding ourselves if we deny that having a hairless body is normalized by friends and peers, family members, and the media. From these different influences, many women are taught to associate shaving with hygiene, cleanliness, and femininity. There are also plenty of women who question shaving, and are reteaching themselves to be comfortable with body hair on their body-positivity journey. Some women are simply over it.

Read on for quotes from 10 women about their relationship to shaving, and whether they choose or refuse to do it.

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