15 Workout Hairstyles For Your Next Sweat Session

There is truly nothing more frustrating than having to stop your workout as soon as you get started because your hair is completely covering your face. We know that finding time to go to the gym can be a hard enough task on its own, but we promise you that figuring out what hairstyle to rock that won't get in the way of your endorphin rush doesn't have to be that complicated.

Whether you are heading to your next bootcamp-inspired workout with your bestie or taking a moment of mindfulness to move your body and brain with hot yoga, we've rounded up the best workout hairstyles that will last your entire sweat session. That means no more hitting the pause button mid-run to redo your bun hairstyle or puffing out air to push it out of your face.

Experts Featured in This Article

Clariss Rubenstein is a celebrity hairstylist and beauty expert.

We consulted celebrity hairstylist Clariss Rubenstein on her favorite cute hairstyles for the gym. "Depending on my workout, my go-to hairstyles are a topknot, a low sleek ponytail braid, a smooth ponytail with headband," Rubenstein tells PS. When working out, you should focus on the following questions: What kind of workout will you be doing? If you will be lying down for some of it – pilates or mat work - you should avoid any hairstyles that sit at the back of your head," she says. Rubenstein also suggests thinking about how you plan on wearing your hair afterward, how much time post-workout you have to wash your hair, and what tools and products you have access to after your workout. She also cautions against choosing anything that causes too much stress on your hair.

If you're looking for a dose of inspiration, we've got you covered. Keep scrolling to take a look at the best workout hairstyles to wear for your next gym session.

Braided Bun

Pull your hair into a braided bun to keep it off your neck during your workout. You can slick it back with your favorite oil or wax so you don't have to worry about any pieces coming loose. Or, if you like the idea of having face-framing pieces around your head, you can braid them to keep them mess-free.

High Ponytail

A high ponytail is a classic gym hairstyle and will be for years to come. It keeps any loose strands pulled back off your face. It also pretty much works for any type of workout you choose, which is what makes it so versatile.

Headband With Hair Down

Do you like keeping your hair down when working out? You can simply opt to add a nice sweat headband to your look to push your hair off of your face.

Bantu Knots

If you're looking for a workout hairstyle that will keep your natural hair protected and out of your face, give Bantu knots a try. This protective style can be worn with the addition of face-framing braids or you can pull all of your hair up to keep things simple.

Fishtail Braid

You can elevate your entire gym look with a fishtail braid. It adds just a touch of intricacy to your look and keeps your hair firmly in place for even the toughest of gym sessions.

Low Bun With a Scrunchie

A low bun is an ideal option for when you are in a pinch for time and don't want to put to much stress on your hair. Simply put your hair in a low bun and use a silk scrunchie to help reduce hair breakage.

Double French Braids

Having braids on each side is great for keeping your hair off your neck when working out so it doesn't get sweaty. Divide your hair into two sections and create a double french braid look that you can rock after your sweat sesh as well.

Space Buns

Yara Shahidi's space buns will take you back to the '90s in a playful way. It's not only very easy to create, but it's great for any mat workouts where you don't want your hairstyle to hurt your head when you're lying down.

Ponytail Braid

There are also plenty of hairstyles you can rock post-workout — a ponytail braid being one of them. Not only does it look so cute, but you can also add a ribbon at the end of the gym session when you're done to jazz it up.

Double Braids With Hair Clips

Follow in Olivia Rodrigo's footsteps by pulling your hair into two long braids with a sleek middle parting. You can make sure any bangs stay off your face by adding a variety of colorful hair clips on each side.

Messy Bun

Opt for a messy bun if you want to look like you just rolled out of bed but still look put together. If you're doing a low-impact workout like yoga, you can also leave a little tendril on one side, à la Hailey Bieber.

Bubble Ponytails

Think of bubble ponytails as a regular ponytail's fun, outgoing relative. It only takes a few more hair ties to put together, and you don't have to be a hairstyle wizard in order to achieve the look.

Double Braids

Double braids are not only easy to create, but you can make them as messy or tight as you'd like, depending on your workout. Camila Cabello demonstrates a loose style for some stretches on a mat. You can also wear them out for dinner with friends after.

Sleek Bun With a Middle Part

The addition of a middle parting can take your hair from simple to sleek in the blink of an eye. Rather than opting for a regular bun, elevate your look with a sharp part.

Sleek Ponytail

If you're on second or third-day hair and want to get a workout in before washing, a sleek ponytail is the way to go. You can also use your favorite hair oil or hair wax stick to make sure your baby hairs stay in place. This is a great hairstyle for a high-impact workout where you need every strand to stay put.

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