Y2K Beauty Looks I Can't Wait to Re-Create Now That I Actually Understand Makeup

I may have loved makeup in 2002, but that doesn't mean I understood it or knew how to apply any of it. Sparkly lip gloss, flavored lip balm (Dr. Pepper, anyone?), and some roll-on body glitter were all that I could manage to pull off, but I remember being in awe of anyone wearing the pastel and frosty eyeshadows and thick, Avril Lavigne-like eyeliner that dominated the era.

As you probably have noticed, Y2K beauty trends are making a comeback, and I will admit that I am eager to reintroduce some of them myself now that I actually have a well-stocked makeup bag and more knowledge of application techniques.

On the agenda? The six beauty trends below, plus baguette bags and all the halter tops, of course.

Blue Eyeshadow

Blue eyeshadow is officially back, and you can keep reading through this gallery for even more proof. This time around, I'm giving bright blues in frosty and matte finishes my undivided attention.

Glossy Lips

I never really fully retired lip gloss, but I plan on wearing it even more now that I'm seeing high-shine Y2K lip looks and tutorials all over Instagram and TikTok. Thanks to upgrades in formulations, these days, most lip glosses aren't so sticky, are offered in way more color options, and have added plumping and moisturizing powers.

Purple Eyeshadow

Many 2000s kids would likely agree: paired with a high-shine lip gloss, you really can't go wrong with shimmery purple eyeshadow. Lightly blend it over your eyelids or use it to create a graphic shape.

Lots of Eyeliner

There's nothing that inspires 2000s nostalgia to me more than thick black eyeliner — applied on the top and bottom lash lines and waterline. It was my signature look in middle school and high school. I don't know if I'll ever re-create this look exactly, but I'll definitely take it as inspiration to purchase a new black eyeliner pencil.

Pink Blush

Bubblegum-pink blush was a 2000s staple. I remember my favorite celebrities pairing it with glossy lips, lots of mascara, and pastel shadows. While I still love this shade, I'm more likely to lightly apply it on my cheekbones using the TikTok facelift hack.

Glitter and Shimmer

Raise your hand if you owned a roll-on body glitter or a shimmery body lotion. While versions of this trend have always been around, albeit not quite as sparkly, it seems like all things sparkle and rhinestones are having a huge moment. An easy way to reintroduce it to your life — if you're not quite ready to apply it to your décolleté — is via eyeliner or eyeshadow.