Let Zoë Kravitz in Baby Braids Provide a Midweek Energy Boost

As if we weren't already excited for Zoë Kravitz to grace our screens in the new "Batman" movie, she showed up to promote the film in Paris looking like Trinity from "The Matrix" — and now all bets are off. The actor posted a string of new photos of the event on Instagram, and while her Saint Laurent trench coat was on full display, it was her face-framing baby braids that managed to steal the show.

Kravitz, who cut her hair into a pixie a few months ago, seems to be ready for it to grow back, and the short-hairstyle inspiration that she and her hairstylist Nikki Nelms have been providing us has been nothing short of immaculate. Baby braids were everywhere last year — seen on other celebrities like Hailey Bieber, Bella Hadid, and Madison Bailey — because of how simple they are to re-create while still looking extremely chic, as evidenced by Kravitz's effortless execution of the look. Celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko previously told POPSUGAR that both she and many of her clients love baby braids for framing the face.

While we're convinced that Kravitz would look good in literally any hairstyle, we particularly love how easy baby braids are to achieve at home, regardless of your skill level. The style is perfect to add a playful softness to the face without looking too childish, and when paired with a slicked bun like Kravitz's, it's an easy style to do to look put together in minutes.

Instagram | nikkinelms