5 Reasons We Love Regina King — and You Should, Too

Between an Emmy win with Watchmen and her feature directorial debut with One Night in Miami, we can't blame Regina King for once saying, "It just feels good being Regina King." She is an absolute powerhouse both on and off screen, and you'd be remiss to forget that. Regina is extremely aware of the power her name holds and uses it to bring light to issues she finds important while also becoming involved with projects that speak to her. Regina isn't just a role model for how she conducts herself as an actress but also how she lives her life as a Black woman in Hollywood, "fiercely and fearlessly." Here are just five of the reasons we love Regina King and why you should, too.

She Has an Amazing Eye For Detail
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She Has an Amazing Eye For Detail

While One Night in Miami isn't Regina's first time directing — she's directed episodes of Scandal and This Is Us — it is her feature directorial debut. "If you came to this planet from Jupiter and you watched [Regina] on set, you would not know that her path to directing was through acting. She speaks so many of the languages of filmmaking as beautifully as the acting part," Kerry Washington previously told Vanity Fair, and she's right. You can tell One Night has the deft touch of an actor to it, from the close-ups that highlight each actor at their character's most vulnerable moments to the long shots that build up tension.

Not only does she have an eye for detail when it comes to shooting a film, but her prowess also extends to choosing the right project, for the right cast, at the right time. "There were so many things about [the screenplay] that spoke to me just as a Black woman . . . getting to see Black men have a private discussion publicly and to see men so layered," she previously said at the Power Women Summit 2020. She became the first Black woman director in the Venice Film Festival's history for a reason.

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She Is Absolutely Hilarious

You can't look us in the eye and say that the voice of Riley Freeman and Huey Freeman on Boondocks isn't hilarious. However, her hilarity isn't just limited to the roles she plays. Even the above clip, which shows her getting drunk with former 227 costar Jackée Harry, could have the grumpiest person in stitches from laughter. Plus, knowing she can have a good time off screen makes Regina all the more relatable. Who wouldn't laugh about her passing out at a Prince party with Reese Witherspoon? And thanks to Regina's comedic chops, we've had iconic moments like the Tina Turner drag show in Miss Congeniality 2 and the Snap Cup in Legally Blonde 2.

She Really Nails the Dramatic Roles

She Really Nails the Dramatic Roles

Watching Regina as Angela Abar on Watchmen was an absolute gut-punch when it came to the emotional turmoil she was able to convey simply with a look. She completely disappears into each role, fully throwing herself into the task at hand and making you believe that she is truly feeling every emotion you see on screen. Over the years, she's been recognized for her dramatic work, earning an Academy Award and Golden Globe for If Beale Street Could Talk and four Emmys, one for Watchmen, two for American Crime, and one for Seven Seconds.

When it comes to challenging roles, she tackles them head on. "In that moment, I didn't have to give much direction. Regina knew exactly what she was doing. It's incredibly vulnerable, powerful, and brave all at once," Jenkins previously said to Vanity Fair about Regina in If Beale Street Could Talk.

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She Speaks Out on Issues That Are Important to Her

When it comes to social justice, Regina believes it's vital to speak out. "We cannot become complacent," she previously told People. After winning an Emmy for her work on Watchmen, not only did she wear a shirt in honor of Breonna Taylor, but she also used her speech to make sure people had a voting plan in place. "I had the opportunity to not wear a gown and . . . a chance to visually show why it's so important to vote down the ballot. How could I not use it?"

Regina is also very aware of the power she has with her platform and is dedicated to using it to the best of her ability. "I have a little more power now, in my choices, and in my ability to amplify a message," she told the outlet. "I have things I'm very passionate about. And I feel very lucky to be able to use my art and my voice collectively."

She Genuinely Loves Her Job
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She Genuinely Loves Her Job

It's always disappointing when a beloved actor reveals they either hate their job or don't care about anything. Regina doesn't fall into either category and is genuinely blown away by her success. She shouldn't be, as she deserves every accolade and more for her outstanding performances over the years. "Having this experience now, I see a whole 'nother regard for film," she told Vanity Fair in regard to campaigning for an Academy Award. Whether she's in a supporting role or the main attraction, Regina treats each with the same level of focus and determination — leading to a memorable performance.