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Adele Dresses Up as Dolly Parton in Instagram Picture

Adele Dressed Up as Dolly Parton, and Dolly's Response Will Have You Fangirling

Adele loves Dolly Parton, and she let the world know it in an adorable way. The 29-year-old singer paid tribute to the music legend by dressing up like her from head to toe, wearing a pink bedazzled pantsuit and big blond wig and holding a guitar. Needless to say, she nailed it! "The effortless queen of song, Dolly Parton!" she captioned the picture. "We love you! We wish we could possess an ounce of your ability. You were the hero of our night! A hero of my life. I'll always love you." The 72-year-old singer even responded to Adele's photo with a sweet video writing, "@Adele you're so fabulous! I will always love you! 💗" And we will always love the two of them!

The admiration between these two is undeniable. In Dolly's hit 2016 song "Head Over High Heels," she sings about "painting my eyes like Adele," and in an interview with BBC News, she explained why she chose to include that lyric. "Everyone loves Adele," she said. "With all my little nieces, it's all 'Adele this' and 'Adele that!' And I love how she does her makeup, and so I'm always saying to my little nieces, 'Can you fix my eyes like Adele?'"

Now that Adele has shown off her best Dolly, is it too much to ask for these two to collaborate? Our fingers are all the way crossed.

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