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Alicia Keys's Advice to Young Girls in Glamour February 2017

Alicia Keys Offers Words of Wisdom For Young Girls — but Grown Women Can Benefit, Too

Alicia Keys was photographed for the March cover of Glamour at the Kings Theatre in Brooklyn. She was joined by a group of young women from The Lower Eastside Girls Club, beneficiaries of the magazine's philanthropic initiative The Girl Project — and in addition to opening up about her year-long journey going without makeup, the 15-time Grammy winner and mom of three also shared words of wisdom and empowerment that young girls and grown women alike can benefit from. When asked what she would tell her younger self, Alicia responded with a powerful, sincere message:

"There is this fallacy about how women are catty, that we're all in competition with each other. I'd say: As opposed to getting swept up in jealousy, use that pang to give you an indication of what you are looking for. Actually, there is this awesome performer Lilly Singh who always does this thing: 'Shout out another girl and tell her what you love about her.' Even doing that is such a good practice, I don't know if we tell women great news about themselves enough. You'd be surprised how often a young woman doesn't hear positive things about herself — not in her home, not at school. It's hard to create a beautiful image for yourself when you've never seen it or heard it."

Hear, hear!

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