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Amy Schumer's Dad Meeting Goldie Hawn

Amy Schumer's Dad Meeting "Love of His Life" Goldie Hawn Will Make You So Emotional

Amy Schumer is an amazing daughter. The actress made her dad Gordon's lifelong dream come true this week when she introduced him to the "love of his life," Goldie Hawn. After FaceTiming her Snatched costar with her dad back in May 2016, Amy was finally able to bring them together this week. She posted a video of the moment her dad realized what was about to happen on Instagram on Tuesday. After she asks him who he's about to meet, he fights back tears before Goldie walks into the room. The two then share an adorable embrace while Amy jokes in the background, "Play it cool, Dad." Amy then posted a photo of her dad, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, happily chatting with Goldie. Whenever we're sad about the state of the world, we'll just come back and watch this to feel better.

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