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Blake Lively's Website Launch

Why You Might Be Confused by Blake Lively's New Website

Blake Lively's Website Launch

There's been talk about Blake Lively's mysterious new "lifestyle brand" for months, and now we finally get to see the finished product. Blake's Preserve website launched today, and we're mostly confused — is it like Etsy? Is it supposed to be a blog? And most importantly, what does Gwyneth Paltrow think?

It all starts on the homepage with a video that has snippets of people who appear to be Blake and Ryan Reynolds, though their faces are mostly masked. Then it's on to the editor's letter, in which Blake shares that she's "hungry...and not just for enchiladas." Continue onto the shop section and you'll find a variety of offerings, from silver spoons to men's denim. Read on for all of the oddities, and tell us what you think of Blake's new venture below.

Source: Preserve

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