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Chris Hemsworth Riding a Four-Wheeler Instagram Video

So, Here's Chris Hemsworth Looking Buff and Riding a Kid-Sized Four-Wheeler

Chris Hemsworth is riding into 2018 in style. The Thor: Ragnarok actor shared not one, but two glorious Instagram videos showing off his new whip: a child-sized four-wheeler, which was most likely a holiday gift for one of his three kids. In the videos, he cruises up and down grassy hills near his home in Byron Bay, Australia, while wearing a sleeveless shirt that puts his bulging triceps, biceps, and literally every other form of 'cep on display. That cut-off tank top and those boulder-like arm muscles totally make up for the fact that he's wearing flip-flops.

In one of the clips, the person videotaping asks Chris, "How many CCs?" referring to the tiny off-roading vehicle's engine size. Chris jokes, "750,000 CCs," before revving the engine and zooming off down a hill while semi-awkwardly yet mesmerizingly straddling the mini ATV. Our eyes thank you, Chris, for these truly special videos that we never knew we needed until now.

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