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Chris Pratt's Drunk Acting Lessons With GQ | Video

A Drunk, Hot, Hilarious Chris Pratt Offers Some Entertaining Acting Lessons

If you've ever wondered what to do when you see a T. rex at a Jamba Juice, drunk Chris Pratt has the answer. Chris covers the June issue of GQ, and in a hilarious video with the magazine, the actor offers some acting lessons — while drunk. Before filming, he had a few whiskey shots, admitting, "The reality is, I'm not sharp right now. I'm dull. I am dull." He continued to drink as he shared his two cents on what to do in certain situations, like, say, if your kid asks you where babies come from. Chris's idea? "You simply tell them the truth: From your mom's butt." Watch Chris Pratt share some laugh-out-loud lessons, then check out why he's so lovable plus 40 things you may not know about him.

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