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Demi Lovato Celebrates Her Sobriety 2015

Demi Lovato Celebrates 3 Years of Sobriety

Source: Instagram user ddlovato

Demi Lovato celebrated her three-year anniversary of being sober by thanking her supportive boyfriend, Wilmer Valderrama, with a sweet, PDA-packed snap. In the past, she has been open about her struggles with substance-abuse problems and her bipolar disorder. This weekend, she shared more about her road to recovery by letting her followers know how Wilmer has helped her heal. The star also didn't forget her supportive fans and sent out loving tweets thanking them, her family, and her friends. Meanwhile, Wilmer also took to Instagram with a moving post of his own, writing, "I am proud and honor to be front row to see the world you are about to change." Keep reading to see Demi's messages, then watch Demi share her advice on being more confident.

Source: Instagram user ddlovato

"I wish I could put into words how grateful I am for this man right here. But my love has grown to a level that words could never possibly express how much this man completes me. He's loved me the way I never thought I deserved to be loved and with this day marking my 3rd year sober... After sharing my ups, putting up with my downs and supporting my recovery... he still never takes credit and I want the world to know how incredible his soul is. I really wouldn't be alive today without him. I love you Wilmer"

Source: Instagram user wilmervalderrama

"Today, we lay another stone together.. It is now 3 years since you said: I am more important then any past, demon, disorder or addiction.. Where you decided that YOUR life was worth living while loving yourself.. And I'm sure glad you did... I knew then the woman you've become now.. I am proud and honor to be front row to see the world you are about to change. I love you Demi."

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