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Fun Facts About Charlie Hunnam

6 Surprising Charlie Hunnam Facts You May Not Know

Sure, you appreciate Charlie Hunnam's good looks, but how much do you know about the sexy star? This week, Charlie smolders as King Arthur on the cover of Entertainment Weekly, sparking all sorts of buzz for his hot stare. Unfortunately, it'll be another year until the film hits theaters, so in the meantime, keep reading to learn some surprising facts about Charlie Hunnam, then check out some of his most hilarious facial expressions plus his sexiest smirks.

  1. He was drunk when he got his big break. Charlie's acting career kicked off during a drunk, last-minute Christmas Eve shopping trip, when he was approached by a talent scout for a British children's show, Byker Grove. From there, he appeared on Queer as Folk.
  2. He makes his own ice cream. In an interview with Men's Health, Charlie showed his domestic side, saying he likes to garden and cook — and that he knows how to make his own ice cream.
  3. He can work out while he's high. The actor once revealed that he can "smoke a joint and go straight to the gym."
  4. He keeps a machete in his office. Charlie has publicly shared a story about a time he had to defend himself against an intruder who came into his house. Of the burglar, he said, "I pinned him to the ground and said, 'Dude, I'm not going to f*ck you up this time, but if you ever come near here again, literally, they'll never find your body — I'll cut you in so many pieces." (Maybe all that time playing Jax Teller on Sons of Anarchy rubbed off on him?)
  5. He's really, really obsessed with sneakers. In an interview with British GQ, Charlie said he collects Nike Air Max 90 trainers. "I'm actually scaling back the collection," he said. "I've scaled it down to probably . . . 45 pairs now."
  6. He got expelled from school. When he was 15 years old, Charlie was supposed to go on an art history trip with the class, but the teacher wouldn't take him. To retaliate, while the class was on the trip, Charlie used paints the teacher had told him he wasn't allowed to use. The teacher ripped up Charlie's painting when he realized what happened, and Charlie threw open scissors at the teacher.
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