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Girl Remixes Cardi B's "Money" November 2018

This Girl's "Money" Remix Is So Empowering and Badass, Even Cardi B Noticed

Cardi B's new single "Money" has been quite the hit with fans — so much so that it's even inspired a viral internet challenge, with many sharing videos of themselves singing and dancing along to the track. One such video, from a fan named Malaynah, was so on point and fire-emoji-worthy, it even caught the attention of Cardi, who shared it with her 35 million Instagram followers.

In the clip, Malaynah remixes "Money" off the top of her head, swapping in empowering lyrics about the importance of intelligence. She begins, "Hold up, wait, let me get it straight. A girl with a fake ain't as good as a girl with a brain? F*ck that sh*t, let me tell you a little something." She goes on to rap that "you don't need a tiny waist to prove you're the best. You gotta be smart, different from the rest." Ain't that the damn truth. *Cue Cardi B's signature "Okurrrr!"*

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