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How Obsessed With the Royals Are You?

Quiz: How Obsessed Are You With the British Royals?

With Prince William and Kate Middleton's second child due this month, interest in the British royals is at a high. Thanks to the young family's status in the spotlight, we've been let in on adorable playdates for young Georgie and treated to fashionable moments from his mom, Kate. From Will and Kate's wedding to worldwide royal-baby fever, there have been levels of attention to England's House of Windsor that hadn't been seen since the Princess Diana days. But with the proliferation of royal watchers, where do you stand? To celebrate the upcoming arrival of Prince George's sibling, take this quiz to find out just how obsessed you really are.

Image Source: Getty/JOHN STILLWELL

Which of the following are you most likely to do?

Buy something at Zara after you saw Kate wear it.
Visit Kensington Palace on a trip to London.
Read a 500-page biography on Queen Elizabeth.
Buy a magazine with Prince George on it.

Pick a movie to watch tonight:

Which prince would you rather have dinner with?

How do you refer to Prince William's wife?

Kate Middleton
The Duchess of Cambridge
Princess Kate

Choose a Queen Elizabeth:

For the royal wedding you:

Traveled to London so you could be there in person.
Stayed up all night to watch it live.
Watched the highlights when you woke up.
Saw a few pictures but got sick of it quickly.

Ahead of Prince George's birth, you:

Checked your phone every minute waiting for his birth.
Watched the live stream from the hospital.
Bet on the name and birthdate.
All of the above.

Which royal baby do you want to squeeze the most?

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