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Jared Padalecki's "Just Keep Fighting" Campaign Information

Jared Padalecki's "Always Keep Fighting" Campaign Is Already Doing Good

We've already heard so much about Jared Padalecki's "Always Keep Fighting" campaign — he's talked about his own struggle with depression, he's shared plenty of inspiring quotes, and he's even revealed how fans have helped him along. Now, we're getting a chance to see the other side: how the campaign is helping fans. MTV has shared an inspiring new video, which showcases one Supernatural fan, Sandra Echeverri, and how she struggled with loss, sadness, and feelings of inadequacy. In the video clip, she explains how Jared's words helped her to the other side. As Jared had said, "Try and remember to shift gears. That's one of things I had to learn. It doesn't mean that you have to live the simple life, but the life lived with just your friends and family is a great life." Watch the full clip below to see how Sandra sought comfort in both Jared and the friends and family members who have supported her in her journey.

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