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Jennifer Lopez Talks About Valentine's Day With Jimmy Kimmel

Jennifer Lopez Explains Why Valentine's Day is Special For Her and ARod, or Should We Say "Macho"?

When Jennifer Lopez visited Jimmy Kimmel Live the day before Valentine's Day, it was obvious where the conversation was going to end up. Jimmy couldn't resist asking Jennifer about her relationship with Alex Rodriguez, who she began dating just before Valentine's Day in 2017. Jennifer shared the sweet story of their first V-Day together and even revealed one of the sweet nicknames she has for Alex — though she also joked that it "depends on the day." Jimmy then got deep into Jennifer's thoughts on gifts, though she wasn't happy with his suggestion that she wouldn't be happy with "just" a dozen roses. "I think people think that, but honestly, it's not like that," she exclaimed. Jimmy, where have you been? Hasn't she told us enough times that she's still Jenny from the block?

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