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Jensen Ackles Proposes to 4-Year-Old Girl

The Story Behind This Photo of Jensen Ackles Proposing to a 4-Year-Old Girl Will Destroy You

Jensen Ackles has millions of fans all around the world, but one very special lady in particular caught his eye during a Supernatural convention in Chicago earlier this month. When a mom went to the event with her boyfriend and 4-year-old daughter, she decided to make her little girl's dream come true by telling Jensen just how much she loves him. In a series of Tumblr posts, the mom says that after her boyfriend told Jensen that her daughter wanted to ask for his hand in marriage, the actor was so touched and excited that he decided to make the moment extra special. "Jensen knelt down in front of my daughter. She immediately got a little shy but she said, 'Dean, will you marry me?'" she wrote. "Jensen got the biggest smile on his face and said, 'Well of course I will sweetheart! You are so beautiful!'" The two then posed for what has to be the cutest photo of all time. The timing also couldn't be more perfect for Jensen. The actor, who already has plenty of practice being adorable with daughter Justice, recently announced that he's expecting twins (a boy and a girl) later this year with wife Danneel Harris.
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