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Kanye West's Appearance on I Am Cait

Kanye West Is on the First Episode of I Am Cait, and You'll Love His First Words to Caitlyn

The debut of Caitlyn Jenner's docuseries I Am Cait is coming on July 26, and you've probably got tons of questions for how the E! show will handle the transition of the athlete and reality star formerly known as Bruce Jenner. However, one of those questions was probably not: is Kanye West involved? Well, interestingly, he is, as I learned at an early screening of the show. Though only a couple of Kardashians show their faces in the premiere, Kim Kardashian is one of them, and her husband Kanye comes with her. He greets Caitlyn first, and gives her a warm, succinct, perfect, "What up."

There are a few times Kanye has been warm and smiley, and this is one of them. He's supportive in his visit with Caitlyn, praising her bravery for having had so many challenges, but coming out anyway. Kim and Kanye chat about Kim's pregnancy, and Caitlyn's sister even teases Kanye about his sneaker socks. Just one of the many reasons to look forward to I Am Cait!

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