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Khloe Kardashian on Jimmy Kimmel Live January 2018

Khloé Kardashian Reveals How She Kept Her Pregnancy Under Wraps, and OMG

Khloé Kardashian went to great lengths to keep her first pregnancy a secret for as long as she could. On Thursday, the reality star and mom-to-be made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live and dished on how she found out she was pregnant. "How do you even get a pregnancy test? Do you go on Amazon and order one?" Jimmy quipped. "I would imagine if you were in a drugstore getting a pregnancy test we would all know something was going on." Luckily, Khloé, who is expected to give birth to a baby boy this Spring, was two steps ahead of the game. Watch the interview above to find out what savvy tricks she had up to her sleeve to make sure her secret was safe "for weeks" until she was ready to share the happy news with everyone.

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