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Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres Go to CVS Video

Michelle Obama and Ellen DeGeneres Scratch Strangers and Wreak Havoc in CVS

Michelle Obama helped Ellen DeGeneres cohost her show on Tuesday, where she took selfies with Bradley Cooper and told Stephen Curry how to trash-talk her husband on the golf course. But on Wednesday, Ellen wanted to take things outside of her studio walls. In order to help prepare the first lady for life after the Obamas leave the White House, Ellen decided to take her to a local CVS. In addition to bringing a megaphone into the store to announce their activities, Ellen also hilariously scratches Michelle (and total strangers) with a wooden back scratcher, pokes fun at Bernie Sanders, searches for their own magazine covers, and hits up the alcohol aisle for some boxed wine. If you want to indulge in a genuine belly laugh today, watch their full shopping trip above.

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