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Michelle Obama Things She Couldn't Say as First Lady Video

“Clooney is My Freebie,” Admits Michelle Obama, With a Little Help From Jimmy Kimmel

Michelle Obama's book tour continued on Thursday when she stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the host wasted no time in getting the dirt from the former first lady. Jimmy quizzed Michelle on how her life has changed since leaving the White House and asked her if there are some things she's allowed to say now that she couldn't back then. Michelle should have seen what was coming next, as Jimmy handed her a set of cards and asked her to use this newfound freedom to say everything that was written down, without pause. The results? A series of soundbites you'd never expect to come from Michelle Obama, among them admissions that she never eats vegetables, that George Clooney is her "freebie," and that she sometimes has trouble telling her daughters apart. Only one of those is really true (we think), but you may be surprised as to which one. Watch the video for yourself above to find out, then check out the sweet moment when Michelle surprised a group of high school students.

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