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POPSUGAR and LeanIn.Org Together Women Can Campaign

POPSUGAR + LeanIn.Org: Together We Can

We're excited to share our partnership with LeanIn.Org — Together Women Can, a campaign that celebrates the power of women supporting each other and the amazing things we accomplish when we do.

We've paired up with LeanIn.Org to develop a series of videos that highlight women supporting each other in pop culture — from Beyoncé to Jennifer Lawrence to Shonda Rhimes.

And the best part is, you can join the celebration! Here's how you can get involved and celebrate the women who #LeanInTogether with you!

  • Watch and share our videos at LeanIn.Org/popsugar, or check them out below.
  • Visit LeanIn.Org/together for simple, everyday tips for supporting women and girls.
  • Text LEANIN to 555888 to get a tip a week via text message!

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