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Pictures of British Royal Pets

It's Not All About the Corgis — Here Are the Royal Family's Other Beloved Pets

Pictures of British Royal Pets

We all know how much Queen Elizabeth loved her Corgis. She made the difficult decision to stop breeding Corgis in 2015 with the fear that she might trip over one of them and hurt herself (as well as the fear that she would leave her Corgis behind if she died before them). So, when Queen Elizabeth's beloved Corgi Willow died at the age of 14 in 2018, the more-than-80-year reign of the Corgis ended.

The queen isn't the only one who loves pooches, however. Her daughter, Princess Anne, is known for her love of English Bull Terriers, and a few other British royal families have beloved pets as well. Though you won't see them photographed nearly as much as the human members of the royal family, we present to you some of the most regal pups in England.

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