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Shia LaBeouf Interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live | Video

Shia LaBeouf's Explanation of His NYC Arrest Might Make You Like Him Again

You are probably aware of the fact that Shia LaBeouf has been running into more than his fair share of trouble over the past year, with his most recent headline-grabbing incident being his June arrest in the middle of a Broadway production of Cabaret. While the story, which included sightings of Shia seemingly chasing a homeless man through Times Square ahead of his arrest, sounded pretty crazy, the actor didn't shy away from owning up to the situation when he stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday. The actor admits that he had been "good and drunk" before he arrived at the show, and things just got worse from there, thanks to several additional drinks. To be fair, Shia admits that his drunken behavior doesn't make his actions right, but it does make for one crazy story. Watch the full clip above, and hear Cabaret star Alan Cumming's side of the story too. And if you can't get enough Shia, make sure to scroll through these hot Shia pictures and see six reasons why we're totally on his team.

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