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Taylor Swift Fourth of July Party 2016

Every Major Question You Probably Have About Taylor Swift's Fourth of July Party

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Taylor Swift hosted her annual Fourth of July party over the weekend, and while most patriotic get-togethers feel complete with a few hot dogs and sparklers, hers had actual stars . . . and lots of them. Blake Lively showed off her bare baby bump while kissing husband Ryan Reynolds in the ocean, Taylor cuddled up to boyfriend Tom Hiddleston, and other guests like Ruby Rose, Gigi Hadid, and Uzo Aduba soaked up the Rhode Island sunshine while flowing in and out of Taylor's huge mansion. Similar to last year's bash, there was an inflatable slide, fireworks, and a lot of American flag onesies involved. But all red, white, and blue things aside, we couldn't help but wonder about a handful of things about this party. In addition to why Selena Gomez was absent, here are 10 things we asked ourselves:

1. What was the invitation process like? Was it over text messages, Paperless Post, actual mail, or phone calls? Did she hire people to drop personalized cherry pies with the date and time on their doorsteps?

2. Is there a set guest list every year, or is it more of a "come on over if you're in town" type of group text?

3. Do they all have a group text?

4. What kind of conversation took place before Tom decided to wear his "I [heart] T.S." tank top? Was it Taylor's idea? His idea?

5. Did he make the tank top himself? Was there an arts and crafts table?

6. Why did they hit the public beach when Taylor's mansion has its own private beach area?

7. Why didn't anyone post anything on social media besides Taylor until the day after? Are there contracts involved in these parties?

8. Did everyone sleep over? If so, how did they divide up the measly eight bedrooms?

9. What's the brunch spread like the next morning?

10. Are all of those tattoos on Ryan Reynolds's legs real?

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