Hello, It's Adele's Birth Chart, and We're Rolling Deep Into the Singer's Astrology

Over the years, Adele has sent us deep into our feelings with her heart-wrenching tunes like "Hello" and "When We Were Young" — and that doesn't seem like it'll be stopping anytime soon. The 15-time Grammy winner just dropped her deeply emotional power ballad "Easy on Me," the first single off her upcoming album, 30. The album follows her recent divorce from ex-husband Simon Konecki, but according to Adele, the album is more about self-destruction, "then self-reflection and then sort of self-redemption," she told British Vogue. Adele is an alchemist — the down-to-earth Taurus has a special gift for converting her experiences with heartache into melodic hooks and beautiful lyrics. And after a difficult year, the world is hungry for more.

Adele's deep, emotional lyrics already reveal so much about the singer, but if you want to learn even more about who Adele really is, it's best to look to the stars. POPSUGAR spoke to astrologer Nautica Flowers to lead us through the astrological layers of Adele's birth chart.

The Big Three

Sun, Moon, and Rising

In astrology, your sun, moon, and rising signs represent your vitality, your emotional responses, and how you assert yourself in social situations. These make up your big three and are considered highly important to understanding the entire scope of your chart.

Sun in Taurus

Your sun sign represents your essence, and it is how others see you. Adele's sun sign is in the headstrong and practical sign of Taurus. "Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of beauty, art, and music," Flowers told POPSUGAR. "These signs specifically rule the throat, so it's common to find Taurus suns that not only enjoy singing but are naturally gifted in it as well. With Taurus being the sign of love, it's no surprise that Adele found stardom through her heart-pulling love ballads."

Moon in Sagittarius

Your moon sign deals with your moods, emotional responses, and inner self — traits that only your closest friends and family really get to know. Adele's moon sign is in the jovial and adventurous sign of Sagittarius. Those with a Sagittarius moon tend to be direct when it comes to their emotions and can come off as intense. "Sagittarius moons are known to need space and freedom to explore the depths of their emotions. This is something Adele has done in between albums before coming back to her audience with new stories to tell," Flowers said.

Cancer Ascendant

Your ascendant sign, or your rising sign, is how you assert or portray yourself in social settings. This sign is usually manifested in first impressions. Adele's ascendant sign is in the sensitive and emotionally driven sign of Cancer. "Adele's Cancer rising is shown perfectly by how she wears her heart on her sleeve in her music," Flowers said. "Adele is seen as a sensitive, kind, and gentle soul by the majority of the world, who characterize her by the softness of her music. Nostalgia is an important feeling for these people — exemplified by the recent 'Easy on Me.'"

Personal Planets

In addition to your big three, your birth chart is also made up of personal planets, your Mars, Mercury, and Venus signs. These planets rule things like your degree of ambition, communication style, personal aesthetics, and tendencies in relationships.

Mars in Aquarius

Mars is the planet of passion, ambition, and sex. Your Mars sign is manifested in your level of determination, how you go after your passion, and your dedication to your craft. Adele's Mars sign is in the forward-thinking and eccentric sign of Aquarius. "Mars tells us about energy, and it's likely Adele derives a large amount of motivation from her fan base and the idea of helping a large audience of people with her work," Flowers said.

Mercury in Gemini

Your communication style is represented by your Mercury sign. This is most visible in how you speak to others, in person and online. Adele's Mercury sign is in the intellectual and chatty sign of Gemini. Gemini is also ruled by Mercury, so this indicates Adele is a smooth, charming, and deep communicator who's concerned about abstract concepts. "With her Mercury at home in Gemini, this placement works wonders for anyone interested in being a songwriter," Flowers said. "Adele's ability to perfectly describe feelings that the average person can't put into words can be attributed to this placement. Gemini represents communication, which is why Adele chooses music as a mode of communication with others around her."

Venus in Gemini

Venus is the planet of romance, beauty, and aesthetics. Your Venus sign is manifested in your relationships, including how you give and prefer to receive love, but you can also see it in the way you dress and your personal style. Adele's Venus sign is in the social butterfly Gemini. When it comes to relationships, Geminis are generally emotionally detached and don't like to be tied down. "In terms of communication, this makes love a subject that needs an extensive vocabulary to correctly be explained," Flowers said. "Adele's love songs tend to be aimed at a specific person with whatever specific message she wishes to tell them. The hit single 'Hello' is a great example of her Venus in action, as she expresses her love and unspoken truth through the art form of music."

Adele's Saturn Return

Adele's upcoming album, 30, expresses a very important astrological phase of life called a Saturn return. Your Saturn return happens around ages 27-30 and refers to the transformative time when you shed some of your youth as you advance into the next level of adulthood. Saturn represents discipline and karmic cycles, a theme that occurs around these ages. Adele specifically mentioned that her Saturn return influenced her upcoming album, as it's a time all about karma, loss, and leaving behind what no longer helps you grow.

"This return happened in her sixth house of routine, work, and labor," Flowers said. "Her single 'Easy on Me' explains this as she sings about reflecting on the work she has done throughout her life without even fully understanding or agreeing with what she was working towards."