Alan Ruck Has 4 Kids — Learn More About His Family

Alan Ruck has had great success in his work as an actor, and off screen, he's just as fortunate. The "Succession" star — who got his first big break in the 1986 classic "Ferris Bueller's Day Off" for his portrayal of Cameron — is a father of four, a role he takes very seriously. Ruck got his first taste of fatherhood when he and his ex-wife, Claudia Stefany, welcomed their daughter, Emma Ruck. During their marriage — which ultimately ended in 2005 — they added a son named Sam Ruck to their family as well.

Ruck went on to expand his family when he and Mireille Enos found love together. The pair wed in 2008, and two years later, they welcomed a baby girl together. Enos later gave birth to her and Ruck's son in 2014. In October 2021, Ruck spoke to The Guardian about what it's like being a dad at an older age. "Well, I'm an older guy with kids, so mainly I'm just tired," he told the outlet. "I'm really lucky that I get a chance to do it again, but I am really, really tired."

To find out more about Ruck's family life, keep reading.

Emma Ruck

Ruck and his ex-wife, Stefany, also share a daughter named Emma. Like her brother, Emma is pretty private on social media, but is a proud pet mom to four cats: Hamlet, Petunia, Huckleberry, and Queso.

Her Instagram also shows that she's family-oriented and is now a registered nurse. Along with her success in nursing, Emma appears to have followed in her dad's footsteps as an actor. She stars in theater shows around New York.

Sam Ruck
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Sam Ruck

According to IMDb, Sam was born on May 6, 1994. Next to nothing is publicly known about Ruck and Stefany's son, Sam. However, according to his Facebook, he attended the State University of New York at New Paltz from 2012 to 2016, where he studied English. During his time at the college, he wrote for the school's online paper, The Odyssey. Per IMDb, he appeared in one episode of "The Perfect Murder" TV series in 2016.

Vesper Ruck
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Vesper Ruck

Ruck and Enos welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Vesper, in 2010. In October 2021, Ruck shared a personal story with The Evening Standard about how he took on the role of "Mr. Mom" shortly after Vesper was born.

"My wife's career rocketed when she got pregnant with our first kid so I was, like, this is my wife's time. I'm Mr Mom," he explained. "When our daughter Vesper was seven weeks old we drove from Los Angeles to Vancouver so Mireille could film 'The Killing.' I'd be in the trailer with the baby and Mireille would shoot a scene, come back busting with milk, feed the baby on one side and pump on the other, give the baby back to me and that's how we did the whole first season. Whoever is the breadwinner in the couple, let them go work."

Vesper has walked the red carpet with her famous parents plenty of times, including the Los Angeles premiere of AMC Network's "Lucky Hank" in March 2023. Enos previously told People, "Vesper is very bright" and "understands emotional ideas beyond her years."

Larkin Ruck
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Larkin Ruck

Ruck and Enos welcomed their son, Larkin, in July 2014. "We are awestruck by the arrival of our little boy," the couple told People in a statement following his birth. "The whole thing is a miracle."

In April 2017, Enos spoke to People about how life with two little ones was going. "[Vesper] took [Larkin] by the hand, she brushed his teeth, she picked out a book for him," she said, saying Vesper is a great help with her baby brother. "I put him in his crib. She sat, she read him a book and then she told us we were 'Allowed to leave, please.' So we went out and she sat and she sang to him and hung out with him until he went to sleep. It was really beautiful."

She later told People that Larkin is "really musical" and artistic, something she and Ruck embrace. "We put an easel in the kitchen, so while we're cooking, they'll stand there and draw," Enos shared. "We listen to them talk to each other and it is so fun!"