Jennifer Lopez Sings "Booty" as Alex Rodriguez Dances, and Yes, Their Kids Are the Band

Jennifer Lopez is well-known for her incredible dance abilities (hello, Super Bowl half-time show), but did you know that Alex Rodriguez has some moves of his own? The former pro athlete showed off a bit of his choreography on June 23 while Jennifer sang "Booty," and the kids — 15-year-old Natasha, 12-year-old Ella, and 12-year-old Emme — gave him a beat in the background.

"Here's how we feel about baseball finally coming back!" Alex captioned the Instagram video, with the spot-on hashtags: #MusicToMyEars and #LetsDance. Looks like Jennifer's rubbing off on him! He's had plenty of practice on TikTok with his daughters, too — let's hope they help get him ready for the first dance when he and Jennifer tie the knot. In the meantime, watch the fun family video below.