Alex Rodriguez Tries J Lo's Pa' Ti Dance Challenge and Shows That He's a Typical Goofy Dad

We admire how supportive Alexander Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez are for each other. The former baseball player showed some love to his fiancé yesterday by trying out J Lo's Pa' Ti dance challenge that's trending on Instagram and TikTok. Although ARod didn't nail all the moves, his daughter aced the routine, and we'll give him an A for effort.

"This is how excited I am about game 7!!! How'd I do, @jlo ? #PaTiChallenge," Rodriguez captioned a TikTok video reposted to his Instagram of himself and elder daughter Natasha doing JLo's dance challenge. "I love when you dance 🤗😘😂," Lopez replied. Throughout the video Natasha is trying to focus on getting the moves right, while Rodriguez — in typical dad behavior — continuously makes goofy faces. Many comments on the video suggested that the pair should sign up as J Lo dancers and were impressed by ARod's attempt at the routine. Above, watch the full video.