Bella Hadid's Skydiving Date With Marc Kalman Is Giving Us an Adrenaline Rush

For some celebrity couples, a date involves dinner reservations or a trip to a fashion gala. Bella Hadid's idea of romantic quality time, meanwhile, is a little more up in the air. "My toxic trait is making people I love jump out of planes with me," Hadid captioned Instagram photos of herself and her boyfriend, Marc Kalman, skydiving in Qatar on Tuesday. "Lucky jump #7," wrote Hadid, who has made skydiving one of her most notable hobbies over the years, adding that she wore her "lucky alaïa jumpsuit" during the leap.

In the Instagram slideshow, Hadid, who celebrated her 26th birthday last month, shared clips of herself and Kalman waiting eagerly for their plane ride before walking hand in hand toward the runway. With their safety googles on and tandem instructors strapped to their backs to assist in the dives, the couple took turns leaping out of the plane. While Hadid is no stranger to the adrenaline rush of exiting an aircraft at an altitude of 10,000 feet, the skydiving date was a first for Kalman, who hopped out of the plane before Hadid. "Omfg!!!! GO MARC!!!!!!! YAY!!!!" fashion influencer Devon Lee Carlson congratulated Kalman in the comments section.

Kalman, an art director, and Hadid were first romantically linked in July when the model posted photos of them cuddled up in France, but the pair were spotted in photos together as early as 2020. Since making their relationship public, the couple have kept details of their love life private, with Kalman largely remaining out of the public eye.

See clips from the couple's exciting skydiving date here.