Just Try to Keep a Straight Face While Watching These Celebrity Impersonators on TikTok

There's a reason so many careers have launched thanks to celebrity impressions on Saturday Night Live — they're just so freaking funny to watch! In case they haven't popped up on your page, there's a whole world of impersonators on TikTok doing their best Donald Trump, Kylie Jenner, Idris Elba, Priyanka Chopra, Camila Cabello, and other celebrities, all for our enjoyment. Ever wonder what it sounds like when Barack Obama orders a pizza? Or what it would be like to do a Jennifer Coolidge impression in front of Jennifer herself? Find out by scrolling through these hilarious TikToks, then follow the users for more wonderful content.


Rynia Kando (@ryniakando)

It's amazing how Rynia Kando (@ryniakando) uses just her singing voice to transform into various singers, like Camila Cabello, Shakira, and Billie Eilish. She also does a spot-on impression of a Kylie Jenner makeup tutorial.


Tan and Jae (@tanandjaesing)

Matthew McConaughey, Squidward, Luke Bryan — Tan of Tan and Jae (@tanandjaesing) can do it all. Their joint account also shows an insight into their relationship, from grocery runs to being bored at home.


Daniel LaBelle (@daniel.labelle)

Without saying a word, Daniel LaBelle (@daniel.labelle) totally nails how different movie characters walk. Follow him to see his videos, often impersonating people with movement.


Vincent Marcus (@vincentmarcus)

From his Blink-182 impression to his Family Guy voices, Vincent Marcus (@vincentmarcus) demonstrates his wide range of impersonations on his TikTok page. They are all so good!


Eshaana Sheth (@the_eshaana)

Not only does Eshaana Sheth (@the_eshaana) perfectly match the voice of various celebrities, like Keira Knightley, Priyanka Chopra, and Kristin Cavallari, but she also nails the type of things they would say. Go to her page for more funny content!


Brett Kelly (@brettkelly1)

With a shaving-cream face, a gray wig, and a house robe, Brett Kelly (@brettkelly1) is totally making us laugh with his Mrs. Doubtfire impression. His page is filled with unusual, funny, and highly edited content.


Oliver Moy (@olivermoy)

Oliver Moy's (@olivermoy) dance moves and expressions are so spot-on Justin Bieber! His other videos (some of which have millions of likes) often feature challenges, dances, and funny pranks.


Sam Wilhite (@sam_wilhite)

From Kermit the Frog to Mickey Mouse, Sam Wilhite (@sam_wilhite) is full of fun impressions. Follow his page for more funny voices, which are often animated characters.


Diego Boneta (@diego)

Using his real voice and the Impressions app, actor Diego Boneta (@diego) transforms his face to look like various celebrities like Matthew McConaughey. Considering he starred alongside Tom Cruise in Rock of Ages, we're not shocked that his impression is so good.


Jay Pharoah (@jaypharoahreal)

Jay Pharoah — yes, that Jay Pharoah — did hilarious impressions on SNL and now on his TikTok, (@jaypharoahreal). Laugh along as he mimics Idris Elba, The Rock, Jason Statham, and others.


Jess Valortiz (@jessvalortiz)

Although her videos are satire impressions, Jess Valortiz (@jessvalortiz) is so good at nailing the heart of the characters she does. Most of her videos are from Disney, Nickelodeon, or Netflix shows.


Andrea Lopez (@andrealopezcomedy)

This video of Andrea Lopez (@andrealopezcomedy) meeting Jennifer Coolidge is absolute perfection. Follow her page for other amazing impressions, including Sofia Vergara, Gilbert Gottfried, and pretty much the entire Kardashian family.


Ingrid Vogelsang (@ingridvogelsang)

She may be known for her Billie Eilish impression, but Ingrid Vogelsang (@ingridvogelsang) is also hilarious when mimicking characters from Harry Potter, Star Wars, and more.


Matthew Friend (@matturday.night.live)

From Timothée Chalamet to Rami Malek to political figures, Matthew Friend (@matturday.night.live) is pretty good at impressions — and making people laugh.


Evan Berger (@heyberg)

Evan Berger (@heyberg) is my favorite celebrity impressionist on TikTok. His perfect depictions of Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Bernie Sanders have me practically rolling on the floor laughing. Follow his page for tons of timely and funny content.