7 Hilarious Interviews That Show Billie Eilish's Unparalleled Personality

Billie Eilish can certainly charm her way through interviews. The 17-year-old singer seems to have no problem opening up about her life, music, and interests. Whether she's showing off her knowledge of The Office or giving her two cents on relationships and dating, the "Bury a Friend" songstress knows how to crack us up. Look ahead to watch some of her funniest interviews!

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When She Shared How Losing Her Beanie Caused Her to Sprain an Ankle

Billie doesn't play when it comes to her accessories. When asked about a photo where she's wearing an ankle brace, the singer explained how losing one of her favorite beanies and complaining about it led to an injury. Apparently, her pal Jaden Smith tried to heal her by waving his hands over her foot. Listen to her retell the entire story — while trying to power through spicy wings — at the 18:32 mark!

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When She Warned People About Her Mean Streak When She's Hungry

Billie immediately started this interview by stating that she needed food and things only got funnier from there.

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When a Puppy Took a Liking to Her Pokémon Hat During a Q&A

Billie answered a series of questions about her music, favorite artists, and hobbies while playing with puppies. The highlight of this entire video was when two adorable pups started pining for a bite of her Pokémon hat at the four-minute mark.

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When She Aced Rainn Wilson's Quiz About The Office

The entire dynamic between Billie and Rainn made this video a real treat, especially when the actor jokingly called the singer "Billie Eyelash."

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When She Imitated a Whale Sound

While listing some of her biggest fears at 1:07, Billie revealed that whales genuinely terrify her right before she mimicked one. "Whales are f*cking creepy as hell," she said. "You cannot tell me that that sound the whales make — woooo — you can't tell me that's not creepy as hell."

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When She Called Out Her Mom For Not Knowing What a Toyota Looks Like

It's hard to decide which moment from this interview is funnier: when Billie explained how a friendship bracelet related to her song "Wish You Were Gay" or when she mocked her mom for not knowing anything about cars. We'll let you decide.

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When She Ranted About Overrated Proms

Billie isn't a fan of proms, which she made very clear in this clip. She literally yelled at the top of her lungs that they're overrated before going on the most Billie-esque rant about why she doesn't like them. Watch the snippet at 2:42!