Bindi Irwin's Daughter Can't Hold Back Excitement Over Photo of "Grandpa Crocodile" Steve Irwin

Bindi Irwin's 1-year-old daughter, Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, has grown up surrounded by incredible animals and wildlife at the Australia Zoo — just like her late grandfather, Steve Irwin, would have loved. On Aug. 1, the conservationist shared an Instagram video of her daughter toddling past the zoo's Tasmanian devil habitat, which is currently undergoing renovations. To block off the construction site, the zoo put up barriers marked with photos of the late Crocodile Hunter in a construction hat. During their stroll past the habitat, Grace — whose middle name was inspired by Steve — was quick to stop and excitedly point out the photo of her "Grandpa Crocodile" to her mom.

"We have a little construction going on to make our Tasmanian devil habitat @australiazoo even more beautiful. Grace's favourite part? Visiting Grandpa Crocodile. All the love," Bindi captioned the video. During the video, Grace enthusiastically bounced between two identical images of her grandfather, smiling and waving at his photo. "Do you see him? Is he over there? . . . You love Grandpa Crocodile?" Bindi asks her daughter before Grace replies, "Yeah!"

Chiming in on the heartwarming moment with their daughter, Bindi's husband, Chandler Powell, commented, "Her little wave gets me every time." While Grace eventually made her way back over to her mom behind the camera, Bindi made sure to close out the video with a sweet sentiment. "I love you, sweetheart," she tells the toddler. "Grandpa Crocodile loves you, too."

Grace, who was born on March 25, 2021, has never met her grandpa, who died of injuries sustained from an incident with a short-tail stingray on Sept. 4, 2006. But we can feel the love she has for him radiating through the screen during every second of this touching video. Watch the full clip here.