Leave It to Cardi B to Accept Her AMA Win in a Bathrobe: "I Tried to Get a Little Cute"

Despite winning favorite rap/hip-hop artist at the American Music Awards, Cardi B was noticeably absent at the ceremony on Sunday. However, that didn't keep the 27-year-old rapper from thanking her fans for their support on Instagram.

Dressed in a bathrobe with a towel wrapped around her head, Cardi held a metallic decorative pineapple as she recorded the message in her kitchen. Classic Cardi! "What's popping everybody? It's your girl Cardi B. I tried to get a little cute for y'all, I put my little Aldo earrings on and sh*t," she began. "I wanna say thank you everybody for voting for me for this AMA award, I'm so grateful that I won this AMA award."

Cardi also explained why she's been MIA lately, adding, "I've been busy every f*cking night, every motherf*cking day in the studio." So, does this mean we'll be getting some new music soon? We can't wait! Watch Cardi's message in full above.