13 Sweet Tattoos You Can Take From the Stars

Tattoos might seem more permanent than relationships, but that hasn't stopped celebrities from getting ink inspired by their significant others. David and Victoria Beckham, one of the famous couples who have been together the longest, have no qualms with turning a trip to the tattoo parlor into a declaration of love. In addition to their one-of-a-kind picks, the couple also shares a design. Read on to see all the stars who got romantic tattoos, and then check out the ultimate celebrity ink gallery.

Getty | Alberto E. Rodriguez
Twitter | michael_polish

Michael tattooed his wife, Kate Bosworth's, signature on the inside of his left arm.

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Just over a month after Benji Madden and Cameron Diaz tied the knot, Benji wore his love for his new wife on his chest — in tattoo form. He debuted the ink on Instagram, writing, "Thinking about you #LuckyMan."

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Beyoncé opted for a tattoo instead of a ring when she and Jay Z got engaged. The singer later wore her wedding ring over the roman numeral four, a number of significance to the couple. In 2014, though, it looked like Bey may have had the ink removed.


Nick Cannon braved through a long tattoo session when he got "Mariah" inked on his back. After the couple's split in 2014, Nick covered it up with an elaborate design.


Angelina Jolie's upper left arm had Billy Bob Thornton written all over it before the couple divorced in 2003.

Getty | lessio Botticelli / Alo Ceballos

The tattoo on Victoria Beckham's left wrist reportedly says "VIII-V-MMVI," or May 8, 2006, the day she renewed her vows with David Beckham. According to reports, David has the same tattoo.


In 1989, Johnny Depp underwent the needle to get "Winona Forever" tattooed on his right arm. After the duo's split, it looked like Johnny had it changed to "Wino Forever."


Heidi Klum's arm tattoo marked her and then-husband Seal's fourth wedding anniversary. It also paid homage to their four children.

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David Beckham's initials, "DB," have a permanent spot inside his wife Victoria Beckham's right wrist.


Eva Longoria was Tony Parker's biggest cheerleader before the couple divorced in 2011. She proved it by getting a tattoo of his basketball jersey number, nine, on her neck in 2008.


In 2010, Katy Perry and Russell Brand headed over to the tattoo parlor for matching ink. The tattoos in their inner arms mean "go with the flow" in Sanskrit.


Angelina Jolie covered her Billy Bob Thornton tattoo with the coordinates of her children and husband Brad Pitt's birth places.


The "Z" on Malin Akerman's wrist was originally for Roberto Zincone. She had it changed to an "S" for her son Sebastian after the couple's marriage ended.


David and Victoria Beckham got matching Hebrew scripture tattoos. While Victoria's ink covers her neck and upper back, David's is on his left arm. The message translates to "I am my beloved's and my beloved is mine, who grazes among lilies."