Turns Out Netflix's Jeremy Pope and Chase Stokes Have Been Friends Since Middle School

If you thought Netflix stars Chase Stokes and Jeremy Pope were cute, get ready to have your mind blown by their adorable friendship. On Wednesday, in honor of the of their shows Outer Banks and Hollywood trending on Netflix, the pair posted appreciation collages of one another on Instagram.

In a playful game of truth or dare, Jeremy referenced the beginning of their friendship writing, "@hichasestokes & I have known each other since middle school. same graduating class in high school. & somehow managed to drop our @netflix shows 2 weeks apart which are both in the Top 10 worldwide." As part of his appreciation for Chase, he also stated that he was "so grateful to be on this journey alongside my childhood friend. will proudly run any and all of his fan accounts. hit me up. let me know."

Chase took a more streamlined route, captioning his post, "Sry about the video being cropped. But bff appreciation post. Proud of this man, and the years of hard work. Here we are brotha brotha. Thx @netflix for giving us this crazy ride. Also he passed high school with good grades. I on the other hand . . . did not. Love u."

As you can probably tell, we're extremely invested in this friendship and hope that Netflix will give them their own show. Perhaps Archie Coleman and John B take a road trip through time?