Chloë Grace Moretz Raves About Phoebe Bridgers: "I Really Love and Admire [Her]"

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When it comes to music, you can find Chloë Grace Moretz listening to Phoebe Bridgers any time of day. "I listen to her music all day long and all the time," she tells POPSUGAR while promoting her new series "The Peripheral." But when it comes to karaoke, she'll definitely be going for Britney Spears. "It's always going to be Britney, ultimately," she says.

Moretz currently stars as Flynne Fisher, a girl trapped in an unhappy life who finds a link to an alternate reality, in the Prime Video show. While the 25-year-old does a scary-good impression of Spears, Moretz is certainly best known for her acting talent, which made her massively famous at a young age. "The relationship I have with it now is different from when I was younger," she says of her changing feelings about fame. "People are very quick to polarize and pass judgment on people that choose careers that are in front of the camera. I think compassion is key for life."

Moretz has previously opened up about some of the traumatizing experiences she had with early fame, revealing that she "felt so much self-loathing." However, she said that her latest project gave her a much-needed chance to recover in more ways than one. The series was filmed in North Carolina, where her late father is from. "[B]eing able to use that in this project was wonderful and really healing," she told Hunger Magazine in September.

Healing has become increasingly important to Moretz both in terms of her mental and physical health, and she also shares that she has to give herself more time to recover from stunt work than she did when filming some of her early work. "When I was younger, I think things hurt less in general," she says. "I have to focus on recovery probably a little bit more."

"The Peripheral" premiered on Oct. 21. Watch the full interview above.