Chris Evans Told His Brother Scott's Most Embarrassing Story, Because Siblings Really Are the Worst

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If there was ever any doubt that brothers, no, siblings are just the worst, then Scott and Chris Evans just proved it. Sitting down with Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, the brothers played a round of "Know Your Bro," and it was . . . revealing. The game is pretty simple — the brothers take turns putting on noise-canceling headphones while Jimmy asks them questions about each other and challenges them to match each other's answers. It all started off pretty harmlessly, as Scott put on the headphones while Chris had to guess what job Scott would be doing if he weren't an actor.

But things escalated quickly when Chris was asked to tell us all Scott's most embarrassing childhood moment. We won't ruin anything (pardon the pun), but what we will tell you is that poor Scott had a few terrible accidents in his pants as a child and, whoa, yep, neither of them held back with this one at all. The takeaway from the video? Brothers are simultaneously the funniest and worst — watch the full video above.