Chrissy Teigen Doesn't Understand What Anyone's Saying on Love Island, and Honestly, Same

The Queen of Twitter, Chrissy Teigen, has jumped on the Love Island UK bandwagon, and we'd like to welcome her to the confused — albeit entertained — club. On Monday night, she posted a series of hilarious tweets about the popular reality program, and the gist of it is that she's as confused about what the islanders are talking about as we all are.

It all started on Oct. 27 when she posted that her husband, John Legend, flew all the way home from London to watch Love Island with her. The next day, she posted, "Not only do I need captions for Love Island UK, I need them to be bigger and I need to be able to play the show at half speed like a poscast [sic]. help @hulu I want to understand."

Hey, we get it. Between the niche neon phrases plastered all over the walls and the British slang words, all combined with quick talkers speaking in a variety of accents, the Love Island language is virtually its own English dialect. It seems like a lot of her followers are equally puzzled, with the overwhelming confusion being around phrases like "pied off," "budgie smugglers," and "tings." If she needs a personal translator, I volunteer as tribute (seriously though).

Ahead, see all of Teigen's hilarious tweets, her followers' responses, and exactly what the quick-witted Hulu account had to say in response. Also, we just can't wait for her to get to the part where Ovie (the most meme-able islander in history) and Maura (the most hilarious) enter the house.