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Drake Accompanies His Son, Adonis, to His First Interview

Drake's Son, Adonis, Is as Cool as His Rapper Dad in First Interview

Adonis Graham is already wise beyond his years. The 5-year-old son to Drake and artist Sophie Brussaux recently fielded questions in his first interview for an episode of "Sundae Conversation" with Barstool Sports correspondent Caleb Pressley. "Drizzy Drake . . .'s son," Pressley said in his introduction. "What does that mean?" asked an unamused Adonis, who then handed his empty juice box to an off-camera Drake.

Despite his age, Adonis wasn't afraid to dive deep, quickly opening up about his friendships. "There's a lot of friends of me that are really nice to me," Adonis said. When asked how his friends act when they're being nice, Adonis replied, "They say, 'I like you because you're being nice to me,'" with the kind of clarity you can only find on the playground.

Upon being asked what his friends say when they're being mean, Adonis said, "They say, 'I don't like you because you're being mean to me.'" The child adamantly denied that he's ever been mean to his friends, but Pressley wasn't buying it: "The way you said it made me think that you were maybe being mean." Adonis responded, "No, I'm not," nervously looking to the side. Then, Adonis came clean: "They were fighting me, so I fight them back."

"This is my better dad."

Adonis also spoke about his relationship with his dad. After Adonis said he doesn't read yet, Pressley asked, "Do you think if you had a better dad, you would be able to read?" Adonis adorably responded, "This is my better dad," turning to look at Drake. "And that's a funny dad. Also, he does a lot of jokes."

Having made it to the end of his first interview, Pressley gifted Adonis a Kawhi Leonard jersey, trying (unsuccessfully) to prompt him into saying thank you. "You like our gift?" Pressley asked. "Yeah," Adonis replied, adding that the number two emblazoned on the jersey is his favorite number. "So it's a good gift . . . is there anything you want to say or anything like that?" Pressley tried in a last-ditch effort. "Bye bye," Adonis said, marking the perfect end to a perfect interview.

Watch the full conversation above for cuteness overload.

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