We See the Moon, Oh, and We're Looking at the Sun to Understand Dua Lipa's Birth Chart

When Dua Lipa isn't dropping club hits like "Don't Start Now" and "Levitating," you can find her serving looks on the runway, showing off some PDA with boyfriend Anwar Hadid, and posting adorable pics of her puppy on Instagram. The singer has steadily become a prominent figure in pop music, taking home the best pop vocal album for her dance-synth pop record Future Nostalgia at the 2021 Grammy Awards. Between her constant A+ style choices and her music that you can't help but want to dance to, Dua's definitely carving out her place as a superstar.

So what exactly do the stars have to say about her? Based on her social media and musical footprint, it's easy to see that Dua is a fire starter. For the astrology-lovers who are wondering what the iconic Leo has hiding in her birth chart, POPSUGAR sat down with professional astrologer Nautica Flowers to take a peek at the fire sign's zodiac.

The Big 3

Your big three is made up of three of the most personal planets: your sun, moon, and rising. These portray some of the most intricate details of your birth chart, namely your core identity, your emotional responses, and how you assert yourself to others. The planets in your birth chart help you better understand your personality. When you know your birth time, you're able to see both your rising sign and your houses. Your houses denote the areas of life impacted by the planets in your chart. Lucky for us, Dua's birth time is available on the internet, so we're able to dive deep into her rising sign.

Leo Sun

Your sun represents the core identity, something that's most likely to be visible to others once they get to know you. Dua is a Leo sun, and these signs are known to be creative and love the spotlight, which is pretty on brand for the "Hotter Than Hell" singer. As it turns out, the singer has had her eyes on stardom since childhood. "Leo is the sign of fame, creativity, and talent, which perfectly aligns with Dua's lifelong love of performing," Flowers told POPSUGAR. "Leos live to be at the front of the stage, and from a very young age, Dua began performing shows for her families and friends." Leo suns are also extremely warm and confident, and the singer's Instagram, which is full of modeling photos, is testament to her fiery self-assurance and bold attitude.

Cancer Moon

In your birth chart, your moon represents your emotional identity. This includes how you respond emotionally and how you handle your feelings. Dua's moon rests in Cancer territory. Cancers are known to be sensitive and highly intuitive with their emotions as well as other people's. This placement implies that she's nurturing and caring for others, and she wants others to feel safe at all times.

This sign is also ruled over the fourth house of family and roots, which implies she's family-oriented. "She grew up watching her parents work hard," Flowers said. "A perfect display of this is her first ever song written as a young child, which was dedicated to her mother."

Libra Rising

Your rising sign denotes your most outward personality. This sign is most obvious when you first meet someone and how they assert themselves in social situations. Dua is a Libra rising, and these signs are typically socialites who value the relationships they have with others. Libras are diplomatic and aim to keep the peace with others. These signs are all about aesthetics and beauty, which often leads to careers in fashion or art. This explains why Dua began her career as a model before her music career took off. Flowers also adds that Libras are known for being polite and well-mannered and making a good first impression. Basically, they're the life of the party and the friend who people rely on to be level-headed.

Personal Planets

Your birth chart also includes personal planets: Mercury, Mars, and Venus. Think of these planets as the layers underneath the big three that are most visible to those who know you on a personal level. These planets denote things like your communication styles, your relationships, and your ambition.

Virgo Mercury

When it comes to the mind and communication, Mercury is the planet to examine. This is most visible in how we communicate with others as well as our thought processes. Dua's Mercury is stationed in detail-oriented and meticulous Virgo. These signs are the perfectionists of the zodiac signs and make sure they give everything they've got. "Virgo Mercuries are known to be huge perfectionists and can be their own biggest critics," Flowers explained. "This also adds onto why Dua chose to take a short break to study and perfect her dancing only to come back and blow us all out of the water with her new performance abilities."

Libra Mars

Mars is the planet of aggression and drive. Dua's Mars is in Libra, which tells us that Dua might be conflict averse. "Mars is actually debilitated in the sign of Libra, meaning that Libra Mars tends to hate conflict, being too confrontational, and being unliked in general," Flowers said. "They will prefer to avoid conflict and find a way to respond to anger in the most peaceful, calm way possible that requires the least confrontation." So while Dua is fiery and determined to make a name for herself thanks to her Leo sun, she's not one looking for a fight.

Leo Venus

Venus is the sign of love and aesthetics. It's the way we engage in romantic relationships, and it also governs our personal style. Dua is a Leo Venus, and much like her Leo sun, her aesthetic taste is on the bolder side. You can see this most visibly when it comes to her music and her rise to stardom. "Leo represents the self, and it is clear across her career that Dua was incredibly self-motivated to pursue her dreams of being a star and took the self-initiative to get there," Flowers explained. "Leo Venuses tend to produce attention-grabbing music that makes people happy, excited, and ready to dance — this is everything that Dua gave us with Future Nostalgia."

Between her dance-pop chart-toppers and legendary fashion sense, Dua has made it crystal clear that she has the talent and drive to become the icon she is today, and her birth chart is evidence she was destined to be in the limelight.