Watch Schitt's Creek's Dustin Milligan Spew Corny Animal Puns For 60 Seconds Straight

Dustin Milligan may not be a veterinarian in real life, but he does have something in common with his Schitt's Creek character, Ted Mullens: a love for animal-related puns. The actor recently appeared on costar Emily Hampshire's "Humpday With Hampshire" talk show and showed off his Ted-tastic wordplay skills, coming up with as many puns on the spot as he possibly could in just 60 seconds. Spoiler alert: he freakin' crushed it.

He truly wasted no time, diving right in by starting, "I feline like I can tail you some good puns, though my delivery, it might be ruff because I'm just coming up with these right meow. I'm not lion about that. I'm not a cheetah." I mean, color me impressed! In total, Dustin seamlessly spewed about 23 puns in the span of one minute, thus proving that his pun-creating abilities are simply the best, just like Ted's. Watch the video above to see Stevie and Ted — er, Emily and Dustin — bond over a love of wordplay, and see below for live footage of me watching Dustin do what he does best.

Pop TV via Giphy