Please Enjoy Catherine O'Hara Snapping in and Out of Character as Moira Rose For 36 Minutes

"I'm not that easily recognized." — Catherine O'Hara, an extremely recognizable and revered actress

"I have acted for at least six years of my life." — also Catherine O'Hara, who has been acting for more than 40 years

These are just two of the countless memorable one-liners the oh-so-humble Catherine O'Hara uttered during her Instagram Live session on the Schitt's Creek account on Monday. This past week, cast members from the show have been leading their own live videos to fundraise for Food Banks Canada and Feeding America, and it's safe to say O'Hara's might be the most entertaining one yet.

The Canadian actress spent the entirety of her 36-minute video snapping in and out of character as Moira Rose while teaching viewers how to "Moira-ize" their vocabulary. "Trying to go back and forth between a half-assed Moira and a half-assed me isn't quite working, is it?" she joked. But oh, did it work! Reading from a handwritten script she prepared herself, O'Hara shared a collection of fancy, antiquated words and their respective definitions. She even included a few racy terms like "lobcock," which means "a relaxed penis," apparently. O'Hara hilariously commented, "I hope our penises are relaxed. Today there's enough tension in the world." Hah!

Although I highly suggest watching her entire video above, I've outlined a handful of her words ahead, for those of you who are currently overcome with "ignavia."

  • Seelie Court: "an entourage of fairies"
  • Hyperhedonia: "enjoying doing ho-hum things around the house"
  • Cunctator: "a procrastinator"
  • Ignavia: "laziness"
  • Crapulous: "foul-mouthed"
  • Killcrop: "a greedy, insatiable bèbè"
  • Fimble-famble: "lies"
  • Voraging: "searching the internet for clips to send to everyone you know"
  • Psilothrum: "hair removal"
  • Laniferous: "bearing or producing wool"
  • Beblubbered: "disfigured from crying"
  • Contiguity: "closeness"
  • Diddy: "a woman's breast or nipple"

O'Hara concluded her vocab lesson in the most iconic way possible: by "caw caw-ing" like Dr. Clara Mandrake and wishing everyone good health. I think I speak for us all when I say that she's a treasure we must protect at any and all costs. All in favor of nominating this performance for an Emmy, please say "aye."