"Look at Us": Paul Rudd's Hot Ones Video Has Spawned Some of the Most Relatable Memes

When you combine the human treasure that is Paul Rudd with a viral video and the internet's unmatched inclination to meme just about anything, you're going to get magic. That's what happened when the Living With Yourself star made an appearance on First We Feast's Hot Ones earlier this week. The actor was his usual effortlessly charming self while he tortured his esophagus with a variety of spicy cauliflower wings and chatted with the show's host, Sean Evans. Toward the end of the interview, Paul decided to make a super sauce, and it resulted in an innocuous moment that is forever preserved in internet history.

"Look at us," Paul said earnestly as the two were creating their super sauces. "Hey, look at us." Off screen, Sean replied, "Look at us."

"Who would've thought," Sean continued, to which Paul grinned and responded, "Not me!"

And thus, the memes were born. After all, we've all had a "look at us" moment in our lives, and the internet is rife with people ready to share theirs. From hanging out with siblings who were former enemies to actually meeting up with friends when you've made plans to, Twitter has been overrun with folks providing funny captions about finding oneself in any unexpected situation. And while the enthusiastic reaction may have occurred regardless of who was part of the exchange, we're going to bet it's all due to Paul's charismatic self. The actor isn't on social media, but we sincerely hope someone has let him know what a phenomenon he's become with that brief exchange.

Check out our roundup of some of the best memes the Hot Ones video has spawned ahead, then watch Paul and Sean's fun-filled interview above!