This Grandpa Got Dua Lipa Concert Tickets For His 80th Birthday, and His Reaction Is Pure Gold

If you needed a little something to make you smile today, let it be this grandpa's heartwarming reaction to receiving the perfect birthday gift from his grandkids. In a now-viral TikTok video, Richard Waldorf — or Papa Richy, as his family call him — is seen opening an envelope of tickets to see his favorite artist in concert . . . who is none other than Dua Lipa. Once he reads the tickets and realizes what they're for, he breaks out a huge grin and starts yelling, "Are you sh*tting me? Really? Is this a real thing? Holy sh*t!"

The video, which his granddaughter Kadie Bernstein originally shared on Oct. 10, has since garnered almost eight million views, as TikTokers have fallen in love with Papa Richy and his hilariously raw reaction. "It's so exciting having this five minutes of fame," Richard shared with POPSUGAR. "I've realized that literally none of my senior friends have heard of Dua Lipa, and now because of the TikTok, several are becoming fans. This is all very exciting and very unexpected!"

Richard first discovered the singer through Kadie, who showed him the "New Rules" video. "That's when he fell for her," she said. "We danced around the family room listening to Dua Lipa all night. He really loves her voice and her songs!" Dua herself also reposted the sweet video on her Instagram, writing, "OMG THIS MELTS MY HEART!!!" Sadly, Kadie told POPSUGAR that while there haven't been any further interactions, she and her grandfather are looking forward to seeing Dua in concert come February. Ahead, watch Papa Richy's priceless reactions to warm your heart.