Greta Van Fleet's Best Instagram Moments Include Music, Fashion, and Koalas

In the last two years, Greta Van Fleet has won a Grammy, performed with Elton John, and released their debut album, Anthem of the Peaceful Army. The band, who has been credited with "making rock relevant again," aims to bring people together with their music, and they look damn good while doing it.

Josh and Jake Kiszka — 23-year-old twins — take over the vocals and guitar, respectively, while their 20-year-old brother, Sam, is on bass and piano and 20-year-old Danny Wagner plays the drums. The boys, who originate from Michigan, got their start as kids listening to their parents' vinyl albums and have seemingly resonated with all of us millennials whose music interest stemmed from a similar place. Josh's head-turning vocals paired with the rest of the band's undeniable talent (Jake's favorite party trick is playing his flawless riffs behind his back) have gained them an international fan base with sold-out shows around the world.

While their music can easily be described as kickass, let's not forget about their fashion sense. The boys bring a touch of '70s nostalgia to every performance, straying away from t-shirts and jeans and opting for feather headbands, skintight leather pants, and crochet vests instead. While the guys have arguably reclaimed modern-day rock 'n' roll, their Instagram reminds us that they're still just young adults who like to goof around. Check out some of their best moments ahead.


When we realized we all own the same Polaroid camera as Jake.


When Sam and Josh showed us what true fashion icons they really are.


When they answered some questions for Apple Music and we learned about their movie and pizza preferences.


When Sam and Danny sifted through records together.


When Danny showed us he has Sam's back whilst giving us major Fall shoe inspiration.


When we watched this video of Sam crushing the piano 100 times over. How do his fingers move so fast?!


When Josh's face perfectly epitomized how it sometimes feels to have a brother.


When Josh looked like us after a few drinks, shiny pants and all.


When we thought about how this acoustic jam session should be on their next record.


When Sam performed with Elton John at 18 years old and made us reevaluate our lives.


When Danny looked a bit too casual posing with a koala.