These Photos of the "Harlem" Cast Make Us Wish We Were Part of Their Sister Circle, Too

For so long it seems like TV shows have starved Black women and women of color of sisterhood representation, but Prime Video's "Harlem" is changing that. The hit comedy series, created by Tracy Oliver, first premiered on Dec. 3, 2021, and returned for its highly anticipated second season on Feb. 3, 2023. The premise of the show revolves around the lives of four women in Harlem — Camille (Meagan Good), Quinn (Grace Byers), Angie (Shoniqua Shandai), and Tye (Jerrie Johnson) — as they juggle their tumultuous love lives, friendship, and careers.

The bond that the foursome share onscreen closely resembles other sister circles we've grown attached to, from shows like "Girlfriends," "Insecure," and "Living Single," to name a few. But Byers still wants viewers to know "Harlem" brings something else to the table by exploring familiar stories through new characters, some of which are rarely represented on the small screen.

"Unfortunately, it's still an anomaly for multiple Black shows to coexist in the industry," Byers previously told POPSUGAR. "Because of this, it inherently makes comparisons arise. But this ideology isn't similarly applied to our white counterparts and colleagues in the industry. The act of comparison truncates the Black experience, negating the fact that we are expansive, prismatic, and boundless . . . our experiences cannot — and should not — be limited to just one depiction or definition. Ultimately, 'Harlem' is different because we are different. And the same applies to every show out there. It really is that simple."

Byers, Good, Johnson, and Shandai's onscreen friendships don't end once the cameras stop rolling. In fact, the four stars seem to have even more fun with each other offscreen. Whether they're goofing off on set, slaying the red carpet together, or giving each other advice in their interviews, the cast of "Harlem" always seem to have a good time together no matter where they are.

In honor of season two's premiere, check out these cute photos of the cast hanging out ahead!