It's Freaky How Much This Starbucks Barista Looks Like 2015 Harry Styles


— samantha (@ringsonhishands) January 19, 2020

In between performing, filling in as a stand-in late night host, and being a full-time nail art wearer (sorry, couldn't help it, we're obsessed), Harry Styles is a busy man. But it seems he isn't too busy to take on a shift or two at his favorite coffee chain, Starbucks. Just kidding, it's just a Harry Styles look-alike, but it's fun to pretend, isn't it?

The video (first created on TikTok by @fridasakaj) was posted by @ringsonhishands on Twitter showing a Starbucks barista, who looked just like Harry back in the day, serving what we like to think is a steaming hot, oat milk latte through the drive-through. Harry's doppelgänger — whose real name is Sean — had a striking resemblance to the "Watermelon Sugar" singer's 2015 look, complete with long, curly hair and a (throwback) topknot. "Are you Harry Styles? You look like Harry Styles!" said his fans in the video. Although Sean didn't respond, he couldn't help but smile at the question. Who can blame him?

So next time you're going by a Starbucks drive-through, you might just bump into Harry's look-alike. To be honest, we'll be mad if Sean doesn't milk this for all it's worth.