The Sweet Moment Harry Styles Danced With a 78-Year-Old Fan on Stage at the Grammys

The 2023 Grammys were a star-studded affair marked by dozens of lively performances and history-making wins. For one overnight star, however, no amount of awards could've competed with having her dreams realized by none other than Harry Styles.

At the award show on Feb. 5, 78-year-old Reina — a great-grandmother from Ontario, Canada, and self-proclaimed Styles superfan — took the stage to present the "As It Was" singer with the album of the year award. On his way up to the stage, Styles ran directly into Reina's arms, holding her in a sweet embrace. Brimming with joy, the duo's next few seconds together resulted in one of the evening's most heartwarming moments.

"Aside from being good looking, I love everything about him."

The show featured a running segment consisting of a roundtable discussion among fans of various nominated artists. Before the top honor at the end of the evening, host Trevor Noah invited the same group of fans to join him on stage to help present album of the year. "And the Grammy goes to," Noah said, opening the red envelope. Rather than read out the name on the card, however, Noah bestowed the honor on Reina. "You can read it." Reina exclaimed, "Harry Styles!" She jumped for joy as the "Music For a Sushi Restaurant" backbeat kicked in.

Earlier in the evening, the Recording Academy ran a prerecorded video showcasing Reina and her love for Styles. "Aside from being good looking, I love everything about him," Reina said. "I love his outlook, his songs, and with Harry, he has that thing that draws people to him."

Upon seeing her celebrity idol in the flesh, the great-grandmother could hardly contain herself. Arms spread wide, Styles immediately ran to give Reina hug. The embrace quickly turned into a shimmy, with the pair jumping up and down and dancing together on stage. After a few seconds, Styles pulled back to give Reina a kiss on the cheek and accept his award. On his way up to the stage, Styles also paused to share a hug with his peer and friend Lizzo.

Following his speech, Styles stepped back to pass the mic to his collaborators. Celebrating his win with Reina one more time, he leaned over to give her a fist bump. Needless to say, the entire evening was a dream come true for Reina.

In a video shared immediately after the award show, Reina's granddaughter Renee, who orchestrated her appearance at the award show, celebrated her grandmother's win on TikTok. "When you secretly record your Memere talking about Harry Styles and a month later she's giving him a Grammy," she captioned at-home footage of Reina presenting Styles with the award.

See Styles and Reina's full exchange at the Grammys ahead.

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Harry Styles Dancing With Reina at the 2023 Grammys

Reina Sharing Her Love For Harry Styles on TikTok